Categories must have a minimum of four nominees in order to run. If this isn't reached, where possible the category will merge with another. Example: If the Cameron Mitchell category doesn't receive enough nominations it will merge with Other Character.

If a pairing or character in Other Character, Other Slash or Other Ship has four nominees they will receive their own category as long as the 'Other' category still holds enough nominees to run without them.


Previously nominated videos are not be eligible for nomination. A full list of all previous nominated videos can be found on the A-Z page. Anyone can nominate videos, including the artist who made them.

A nominated video may only appear in one category. When a video has been nominated in more than one category, the awards team will contact the video artist to determine which category from those it has been nominated in they would like it to be placed. Where the artist can not be contacted or has no preference, the awards team reserves the right to select the single category that the video will appear.

The only exception to the above rule is that a video nominated in any category may receive a second nomination in the 'editing' category and all videos entered are automatically entered into the 'best video' category.

As in previous years, only three videos per artist can appear in each category. If the artist can not be contacted or has no preference, the first three videos nominated will appear in the category.

Nominees in best new artist are eligible if they have started vidding as a solo artist since close of nominations last year.


The number of votes in each category is dependent on the number of nominees. We will also ask you to list your choices in order of preference. 

In order to calculate final positions, first place will be worth 3 points, second place will be worth 2 points and third place will be worth 1 point. As in previous years, if all areas of the form are not filled in, the form will not be valid. You should vote for a different video for each place, and ensure that you vote for a video in every place.

We do track names, e-mail addresses and IP addresses for votes, and will be watching for 'ballot stuffing'. In the event that this occurs, a warning will be issued and the votes discounted. Should further votes be received after a warning, the videos in question will be disqualified, and the artist may be banned from future contests.


Campaigning for nominations or votes, either for yourself or someone else, is forbidden. Anyone caught doing so will be given a warning, and then risk permanent disqualification from the awards. If you campaign for someone else, you are risking their disqualification.


We cannot directly link to videos listed on temporary file hosting sites such as yousendit. However, you may provide us with a link to a permanent webpage where you will update the file link as necessary to keep it active for the duration of the contest. (Please note that we will check the link at the close of nominations, but we will NOT be responsible for contacting you about expired links should this occur during voting.)

We will accept nominations with links to videos on more permanent file hosting sites such as megaupload, sendspace and filefactory. We will not accept videos hosted on YouTube and other sites where you can't download the video.


As with the number of votes, this year the awards system will work like this:

The only exceptions are the 'Editors Choice' which is only given to the award team's favourite video and the 'Best New Artist', 'Best Video' and 'Best Overall Artist' categories where only first place will be awarded, with an Honourable Mention if deemed appropriate. As usual, the winner of 'Best Overall Artist' will be determined by results in other categories.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at