How do I make sure my nomination is valid?

Simple! Make sure the video you are nominating hasn't appeared in a previous year and that the artist is allowed to participate by checking the A-Z. Then fill in the form with all the information you are asked for.

How do I make sure my vote is valid?

As with nominations, make sure you fill in all sections of the form and if you are asked to choose a video for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, make sure you pick a different video for each placement and don't leave any blanks.

How do you calculate best overall artist?

the overall artist award is calculated on a points system based on results in all other categories, with the exception of the "Best New Artist" category. A first place award gives the artist 3 points, second place is 2 points and third place receives 1 point. If the video is a collaboration the points are split equally between the artists.

I nominated a video and it's not in the final list, why?

There could be a number of reasons:

Why is there a wait for the award graphics?

Because we want every winner to have something unique to take away with them, our awards are all different, in that the picture is matched to the video (Yes we watch all of them!) and has never appeared on another award. As you can imagine after six years it can take awhile to ensure this and make sure that each award is perfect!

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