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Updated: 20th January
New video, Extraordinary Day.

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Welcome to Starlight Studios!

Here you can find music videos for Doctor Who & Stargate SG-1, made by The X-Woman

If you have any questions for her, she can be contacted here.

On to the vids!

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  Doctor Who

Extraordinary Day
Sung By: Delta Goodrem
About: Ten/Rose, Doomsday
Episode: Up to Doomsday
Size: 4.29MB
This song, also know as "July the 8th", was written by Delta in response to the day she was told she had leukaemia.  I felt that it was appropriate for Rose for two reasons: first, the episode "Doomsday" aired the 8th of July, a strange coincidence.  Second, I felt that it echoed a similar, pinnacle moment when Rose realises her life, like many of our lives, is decided by fate, and the certain helplessness and strange comfort that can come from this realisation.

Taking You Home
Sung By: Don Henley
About: Nine/Rose
Episode: Up to Bad Wolf
Size: 4.38 MB
Notes: Made with Clara

 I Will Love You
Sung By: Fisher
About: Nine/Rose
Episode: Up to Bad Wolf
Size: 4.16 MB
Notes: Made with Clara

Sung By: Jamie O'Neal
About: Rose
Episode: Up to Parting Of The Ways
Size: 4.55 MB
Notes: I first heard this song on a Voyager video that Clara did. This is dedicated to Clara, who has been a dear and wonderful friend to me in person and overseas.

 If I Should Fall Behind
Sung By: Bruce Springsteen
About: Nine/Rose
Episode: Up to Father's Day
Size: 4.57 MB

 Last Night On Earth
Sung By: Delta Goodrem
About: Nine/Rose
Episode: Up to The Doctor Dances
Size: 4.43 MB
Notes: My first Doctor Who vid

 Ordinary Day
Sung By: Vanessa Carlton
About: Nine/Rose
Episode: Up to Bad Wolf
Size: 4.52 MB
Notes: I felt this song really told the story of the Doctor and Rose, and needed to be made into a video.

 Our Lives
Sung By: The Calling
About: Season One
Episode: Up to Parting Of The Ways
Size: 4.53 MB
Notes: My video tribute to the first season of
the new series

 So Cold
Sung By: Breaking Benjamin
About: Season One
Episode: Up to Parting  Of The Ways
Size: 4.45MB
Notes: This one was done in conjunction with my brother, who talked me into doing a video to the song and then hung over my shoulder, poking, until I finished it.

Let Go
Sung By: Frou Frou
About: Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose
Episode: Up to The Christmas Invasion/Season Two Preview
Notes: A video tribute to the changes and challenges of Rose Tyler's life on the TARDIS.

Stargate SG-1

Champagne High
Sung By: Sister Hazel
About: Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete
Episode: Up to Affinity
Warnings: Angsty gooey sad stuff
Size: 4.50 MB

Sung By: ABBA
About :Cassie, Sam, Janet. A Cassie tribute
Episode: Up to Rite Of Passage
Size: 4.50 MB

Holy Water
Sung By: Big & Rich
About: Sam/Every guy she makes eyes at
Episode: Up to Affinity
Size: 4.42 MB
Not an Intergalatic Hussy vid, but one more meaningful than that. Made after a request by Geonn.

Sometimes It's A Bitch
Sung By: Stevie Nicks
About: Sam Carter
Episode: Up to Threads
Size: 4.47 MB
I tried to make this my "All About Sam" video, and it turned out pretty much that way

The following videos are part of the 'Fallen' series and all come from the album of the same name by Evanescence.

 Going Under
About: Janet/Cassie mother-daughter relationship stuff
Episode: Rite of Passage
Warnings: A wee bit angsty
Size: 4.61 MB

Everybody's Fool
Paring: AUSam/Jack, Sam/Jack
Episode: Point of View
Warnings: Lots of angst. Yes, it can't even escape my vids.
Size: 3.21 MB
Special Thanks: Erin for condensing, Clara for hosting.

My Immortal

Paring: AU Sam/AU Jack
Episode: Point of View, There But For the Grace of God
Warnings: Angsty oh yeah.
Size: 4.58 MB

 My Last Breath
About: Ensemble
Episode: Heroes pt 2
Warnings: Angst!
Size: 4.41 MB

 Bring Me To Life
About: Ayiana/Jonas, Sam/Jack
Episode: Frozen
Size: 4.59 MB